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American Bully FQA

Are the puppies registered?

All Parents are AKC registered and all litters are registered with the AKC.

Pets will come with limited AKC registration and Breeding/show prospects will come with Full AKC registration. You can call your puppy any name you choose, but all Breeding/Show/Obedience/Agility prospects will have there registered name begin with our kennel name

How many litters per year do you have?

We have on average about 4-6 litters per year. It sounds like allot but keep in mind most American Bully dogs have litters of 1-3 pups, Some of our dogs don’t live with us but with our friends and relatives. Not all of our girls have puppies each year. We also help in the planning or breeding of our friends dogs occasionally.

Do you show your dogs?

We are showing some of our dogs but not actively. We own Champions currently and  some have show points toward their Champion titles. However we are working more in Obedience/Agility currently. We are always active in doing something with the dogs.

What age do puppies go to their new homes?

8-10 weeks of age, Puppies we decide to keep for a while to further evaluate for show/breeding may become available later.

Have the puppies received any vaccinations?

The puppies are vaccinated and wormed three times before they go to their new homes. We provide a health record and a recommended shot schedule for future vaccinations, worming, neutering/spaying.

All puppies receive the following vaccinations at the following ages. Just look at the age of the puppy you’r interested in and you will see what they have had for vaccinations.

Do You Ship?

Yes! Using a professional pet courier Service that has a lab nanny who will deliver at your local airport or directly to your doorstep at an extra $290

Yes we do ship. See our shipping section for all the details, price, requirements etc.

Can I look at puppies before 7 weeks of age?

NO, Doing just that is one of the primary methods disease is spread from one litter to another. You can carry it on your hands, shoes or clothes. This may sound extreme, but I always ask people to take a shower and wear clean clothes and shoes when they come to my house.  However I do keep updated pics (and occasionally video) on the website

Will you hold a certain puppy for me without a deposit if I ask you to?

Not without a deposit. Purchasing a puppy is a serious commitment, and I will not hold a puppy without a deposit. I have done this a few times and passed up people who were actually serious and the pups lost a home. So no, we will not hold a puppy without a deposit.

What is a microchip? Why would my puppy need one?

OF COURSE!!! One of the items on our sales contract is regarding returns and you must notify us first.

Any puppy produced by us is always welcome to come back. We have had some puppies come back due to family crisis, illnesses, unplanned events etc.

We keep them until we can place them in new homes. We love our puppies and have the belief that because we created them we are responsible for their well being the entirety of their life.

Do you guarantee the puppies?

Our Puppies come with a 2 Years Health Guarantee and Temperament Guarantee.

Would you take back a dog if I could no longer keep the dog for whatever reason?

A microchip implant is for permanent identification in case your puppy is ever lost or stolen.

It is about the size of a grain of rice and is embedded in the muscle between the shoulder blades of your puppy. It is a near painless procedure (like getting a shot) that takes about 10 seconds.

If your puppy was ever lost and found by a Humane Society or Animal Control, it would be scanned and then you would be notified of where your puppy was limiting the time your puppy spent away from home. All of our dogs are micro-chipped.

It gives us piece of mind. We also microchip all puppies to make sure if ever lost they get back to you and if you can not be contacted they will contact us and if ever they end up in a rescue or shelter they come back to us, as a responsible breeder.

I will not contribute to dogs ending up in shelters or rescues. They always have a place here with us and a microchip insures they make it back to us if you do not keep them.